Editing Services


*NaNoWriMo Special*

Save the date you want by booking now! Schedule your project before December 15h to receive 10 percent off your chosen service.

Please note that you do not have to have your project turned in to to me during the time of the special offer. You only need to schedule your project for a later date to receive this promo.

I offer several levels of copyediting. Please take a moment to read through each level to determine which would be the best for you.

Light Copyedit: Corrects errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage, and style; and also flags major inaccuracies and inconsistencies within the narrative. This includes two editing passes.

Medium Copyedit: Corrects errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage, and style; checks citations or key facts; and flags any inaccuracies and inconsistencies within the narrative; it also flags any redundancy, repetition, poor word choice, wordiness, overuse of the passive voice, poor logic or lack of clarity, incorrect idiomatic usage, and biased language. This includes two editing pass.

Proofread: Ensures consistency with spelling and style choices (I do not make style choices, I only ensure choices are handled uniformly); corrects minor errors with punctuation, grammar, and usage; and checks for consistent formatting throughout the document. This was a final eyes pass, and no major inaccuracies are checked for correction. This includes one pass.

If you are unsure what type of edit you need, I’d be happy to complete a five-page sample edit to help determine which level would be appropriate.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by filling out the form below, or e-mailing me at jaime@jaimeseditingservice.com.